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October 05, 2008


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Hélène Vallée

What you say about the power of the tongue, the effect of miscommunication and the importance of considering our words before they're spoken is so true. That is why listening is of tantamount importance. When we listen to our audience's response, we have the opportunity to clarify any misunderstanding. And we have the opportunity, in turn, to ensure we have understood the listener's response. Personally, I find it can often take from 3 to 5 iterations of the information before I feel the person I am conversing with and I truly have clear communication.

Keep up the good posts!

JD Lusan

Thank you for such a great comment. There is something to learn there. I appreciate comments that teach.

Tony Masiello

Very true. Once the words are out, nothing can take them back. My son lived in Jacksonville while going to Law School. We made one trip back to watch him graduate. Can you say 'sudden torrential rain showers?'

JD Lusan

Thank you for commenting Tony. You are correct: you can't take back what you say. Even after an apology the damage has been done. I suppose we will strive to say the right things as often as we can.

It does rain pretty often here. Currently the weather is quite nice though. :-)


hi, i was looking for blogs like this and happy to find yours.

yes, u r right. choosing words carefully is as important as speaking (if not more) and i know exactly what you mean by "bite my tongue"

peace. thanks

JD Lusan

Irtiza, thank you for posting your comment. I know many of us go through having to "bite our tongue". I already had to experience it again today, and it is pretty early in the day. LOL

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